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The job market is increasingly challenging with more competition for open job roles than ever before. With this in mind and the ever changing landscape of technological advancement, a job seeker needs to be able to ‘show case’ themselves to employers and recruiters in the correct manner.

My Work History was created to enable every person of working age to create a digital profile to enable themselves to be visible in the current job market. My Work History presents the worker profile in a clear, standardised format enabling users to showcase their skills, experience and qualifications to potential employers. We offer a secure area to hold an electronic portfolio to support the content of your work profile where you can up-load certificates, references and documentation and seek validation from past employers within the My Work History community.

My Work History has created an on –line community where job seekers and hirers can connect. We encourage the Human Resource departments to incorporate acceptance of the profiles into their best practice and processes as part of our Worker Friendly Charter.

With a secure and accessible, cloud based system, My Work History allows people to access their Work History profile anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.