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My Work History gives you the opportunity to join its community of like-minded businesses who encourage personal development and career progression. By signing up to our platform, you agree to verify past employees and up-load references when they leave your business to support their future employment application, saving your administration and HR department time as they only need to post the references once then refer future employers to our website.

Looking for a recruitment tool that works? Look no further!

With profiles spanning a whole range of skill set and expertise, search My Work History worker profiles to find your next employees. Utilise our short listing service to save to time, we will find candidates to match your criteria without the need for you to search.

Advertise direct to our database of active job seekers!

Post adverts and our Jobs by e-mail service will target those people searching for jobs like yours in your local area saving you time by reducing the need to sift through endless piles of CV’s.

Everyone likes to save money? We know you are no different!

Reduce the costs of advertising campaigns. By searching profiles you can reach the candidates you want to recruit in minutes! It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of signing up
  • Display the Worker friendly charter showing you are a fair employer
  • Save time and money on your recruitment campaigns
  • Short list candidates quickly
  • Target workers you may not find during newspaper or other campaigns
  • Post references for past employees to profiles once only
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