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Recruiters? Change is happening!

Recruiters have a bad name in some industries so let’s start by changing that! Join the community and encourage development and progression by encouraging your candidates to register a profile, accept this as part of their application. If they leave, post a reference for them. Your competitors will be doing the same and so when you wish to source new candidates, you may find them on My Work History with verified work History and references.

Open vacancies? Find the ideal candidates here!

With open access to our worker profiles, you can search for the skill set you require in the areas you need them. Post your adverts and our Jobs by e-mail service will send direct to relevant candidates who can then apply to you direct.

Short of time? We can help you!

We can short list for you. Simply post the vacancies and let us know which you would like to use your short list credits on. We will then short list to save you even more time.

Get ahead of the competition with our Elite membership

With exclusive vacancies becoming a rarity, beat your competition by finding your ideal candidates, down-loading their profiles in a standardised format stripped of personal data, your logo heading the profile and submitting to your client with verified work history and references before your competitors have even got out of bed! £££!

Share the wealth! Help your admin team!

As part of the worker friendly charter, we ask you to verify your past workers history when requested. If your past employee then goes on to apply for many job roles, all you need to do is signpost any reference requests through to My Work History where the information will be held on the workers file for the new potential employer to access. Simple!

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