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My Work History invites all organisations throughout the UK to sign up to the worker friendly Charter and help us to create a clearly defined landscape for our future workforces.

We aim to offer a secure, digital profile for everyone of working age, providing them with an equal platform to launch themselves into the current job marketplace, in a format that is accepted throughout our community. Our community members accept the profile applications over the traditional CV and will support our workers if they move on from their business by verifying the workers history on their profiles.

The Worker Friendly Charter is built around the recognised best practice for good employee/employer engagement.

By signing up to the Worker Friendly Charter you will be:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to supporting all people of working age
  • Committing to support your past employees by verifying their work history when requested
  • Part of a community of organisations sharing best practice methods in recruitment and career development, accepting the worker profiles as applications to job roles
  • Able to download and display both the Charter and the MWH logo showing you are a fair employer
  • Be seen by all of our workers seeking new opportunities

The Worker Friendly Charter is built around our Core Principles:

  • An on-line community for educators, training providers, employers and people looking to develop and progress in their careers
  • Recognising Talent and Creating opportunity
  • Strong Equality and Ethical standards
  • Best practice
  • One voice, one vision, one goal