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First timers?

My Work History allows you to log and up-date your full work history for the whole of your working life. From your first exposure to the working world at school age, we allow each and every person to develop an on-line portfolio for free, accessible anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

How do you log your work history?

  • On a CV on your PC?
  • On paper?
  • In your head?

My Work History will store your work history for you and allow you to up-date your skills, experience and qualifications as often as you wish. We will not delete your profile even if it remains in-active for a few years. It’s there for when you need it!

Job searching? It’s simple!

With an on-line community of businesses looking for workers with your experience, we aim to connect you to companies looking for new employees. You can search for job adverts that match your search criteria, with search categories such as location, job tile, salary etc. Narrow down your searches making the process faster and easier. The companies can view your verified work history, knowing that it’s been approved by the company you actually worked for.

Getting made redundant? No problem!

No matter what your age or experiences, we have the tool to assist you in presenting yourself digitally to the current job marketplace. You can ask for verification from your past employers to ensure your work profile is credible, up to date and presents you in a professional manner. Signpost our service to your HR Manager and ask them to Contact Us to support you and your colleagues.

Next move? There’s work to do!

Sign Up to My Work History and begin to build your digital profile. We cannot log the information for you but the system will help in securing your verified status by notifying us of any companies that are not on our system and we can contact them on your behalf, making your profile current and complete.

How can you help us do great things for you?

Make sure you have the accurate details of your past employers to log onto your profile. Check your work before you save it and make a note of your password and email address you are using for the site. If you are looking for a change or facing redundancy, amend your status through the SETTINGS section so that companies can find you on their searches.

Get going! SIGN UP Today!

The Benefits
  • Professional, digital profile
  • Profile accepted as application for jobs by our business community
  • Accessible anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Verified work history
  • Job adverts for work in your area
  • Apply to adverts at the click of a button
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